AWS EC2 VM — Step 3 — Create a VPC Route Table

Continuing our “property developer” scenario, the next stage will be to complete the utility work, making way (routes) for the gutters, electrics, gas, plumbing etc.

From the VPC dashboard, select Route Tables.

Choose Create Route Table.

Give it a name and associate it with the VPC created earlier, then click create.

While still in the Route Table menu, highlight the checkbox for your Route Table.

Scroll down, and select the Subnet Associations tab, and choose Edit Subnet Associations.

Click the checkbox to associate your previously created Subnet with your Route Table. Then click save.

So as far as our “property developer” analogy goes, you have booked the utilities engineers (Route Table), they have turned up at the plot of land (VPC), and you have now confirmed the housing area that they need to perform the work on (Subnet).

The next stage will be to build a driveway (Internet Gateway) from the boundaries of the house to the main road, to allow a clear path in and out of the area.


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