AWS EC2 VM — Step 5 — Create a VPC Security Group

The next stage before building the house (EC2 VM) will be to build a fence (Security Group) around the area to keep out any unwanted guests.

From the VPC Dashboard select Security Groups.

Click Create Security Group, then give it a name, description, and associate it with the VPC that was created earlier.

Now scroll down to Inbound Rules and select Add Rule.

Choose All Traffic, and select MY IP, then write a description. Then click Create Security Group.

This setting allows all traffic from your current public IP address. If your IP address changes (which is likely unless you are specifically paying for a static IP address), then you will need to come back to this rule within this security group and select MY IP again to update the address.

It’s now time to build the house (EC2 VM)and get the keys to move in!


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