AWS EC2 VM — Step 6 — Create an EC2 Instance

It’s now time for our “property developer” to build the house and get the keys to move in!

Navigate to the EC2 Dashboard.

Select Instances, then Launch Instances.

In the search bar, type Windows and press enter. Then scroll down to Server 2012 R2 (Free Tier Eligible) and select it.

Select the free tier option.

Then click Next: Configure Instance Details. Select the VPC and Subnet created earlier. Also, Enable the Public IP address option.

Click through Next: Add Storage and Next: Add tags accepting the defaults. Then select the Security group created earlier.

Click review and launch, then launch.

Create a new key pair and download it.

Then click Launch Instances. Then View Instances.

It will take a few minutes to build. You can use the refresh option to stay up to date.

Ready to connect.

Select the Instance check box and click connect.

Choose the RDP tab and Download the remote desktop file. Then select Get Password.

Browse to the key that was downloaded earlier.

Once imported, choose to decrypt password.

Copy your password and launch the RDP session to connect.

Choose yes to any certificate warnings and connect to your desktop.


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